Top 3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Need Olm to Pst Conversion Software?

If you look at the discussions regarding Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook migration, you will notice that most of the users tend to transfer their data manually. That is, by –

  • creating a temporary dummy IMAP account (such as, Gmail), and adding that account in Mac Outlook

  • syncing the Mac Outlook data to that account

  • adding the same account to Windows Outlook

  • and syncing the data from servers to Outlook

This is a free method that doesn't require any third party tool. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.

The another option is to export/archive the data in Mac Outlook to an Olm file, and use an Olm to Pst Conversion software to convert it to Pst. Olm and Pst are both two file formats supported by Mac and Windows Outlook respectively.

Both of these options can get your emails, contacts, and calendar data transferred from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. However, there is only one of these options that work effectively – using a professional Olm to pst converter.

This post is here to inform you why choosing the manual conversion path isn't a wise decision, and why an Olm to Pst conversion software is a must have for this particular email migration.

High Internet Bandwidth Usage

If you are going with the manual conversion method, you are going to use a lot of your internet bandwidth. If your database isn't big enough for your high bandwidth usage to be a concern, remember you have to sync it twice; first uploading from Mac Outlook to the account servers, and then downloading from the account servers to Windows Outlook.

An Olm to Pst Conversion tool doesn't need internet connection to convert Mac Olm files to Pst.


Depending on your internet connection speed, it can take a lot of time. Even if you have fast broadband, creating dummy IMAP account, adding it to Mac Outlook, and many other manual actions to perform will take up countless hours. The amount required can reach significant levels if your database in Mac Outlook to transfer is huge.

Any good enough Olm to Pst tool will convert even big sized Olm files to Pst in much smaller amount of time than it would take to sync the same amount of data using internet. Moreover, the conversion process using a software is fully automatic. That means, you can continue to do your own work while the tool converts files in the background.

Data Conversion inaccuracy

Manual conversion method doesn't transfer the data accuracy, for the mere fact that it's called “manual”. Therefore, there are lots of issues that can easily come up with the data integrity, such as, loss of images, modification of folder hierarchy, damage with non-English characters, etc.

An ordinary and inefficient Olm to Pst export tool might also make such mistakes, but a professional and quality tool won't. A software only needs you to load Olm files and it will automatically convert it to Pst files, which is clearly going to result with a more precise data conversion than human controlled manual process.

First-Rate Olm to Pst Software

As it is clearly established that manually converting data, instead of using a tool to convert Olm to Pst isn't a better choice.

But it's also important to choose a professional software, otherwise the decision to use a third party tool can backfire.

One of the first-rate software regarding this job is “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” and can be downloaded using the links below. It has all the functionalities that make conversion of Mac Olm to Windows Pst successful and effective.

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