What's the Deal with Importing an Olm file to Outlook (Windows)?

Mac Outlook stores its data to a file format called Olm. It's a data file that keeps all your contents (emails, contacts, calendar, etc.) archived. To manually archive or export data to Olm file, do the following –

Go to 'File' menu → Click 'Export' → Check 'Outlook for Mac Data file' – select the contents you want to export/archive → click the right arrow to continue and continue following the instructions → Save Olm file anywhere on your Mac

Now, most of the apps in one category in one particular platform uses the kind of files that are interchangeable with other apps in the same category. This facilitates the process of switching over or sharing and sending data. Same as with most email clients in Mac (or in Windows).

But it's not the same thing when the two opposing operating systems (Mac & Windows) clash. The Olm file we just helped you create above won't be supported in Windows Outlook. You can't import Olm file to Outlook directly. And, you can't open Olm file on Windows, not by Outlook or any other app.

Before we jump to the actual solution, let's also take a bit of time to briefly talk about why this is required. There could be top 3 reasons for that –

  • You got an Olm file in your Inbox and you don't have Mac to view it.
  • You are quitting Mac and coming to Windows.
  • You use both Mac and Windows, and sometimes you need your emails from Mac to Windows Outlook.

So...how can one transfer emails from Mac to Windows Outlook? Or how can one import Olm file to Outlook on Windows, if not directly?

Let's begin talking the solution – Convert Olm to Pst!

The solution is simple – if Olm file can't be imported to Windows Outlook, we convert it to the format that can be! That format is 'Personal Storage Table', or more commonly known as Pst. It's a proprietary file format for Microsoft Outlook and does virtually the same things that Olm file does for Mac Outlook.

If you have received an Olm file and no Mac to view the file, do not worry. As stated above, simply convert Olm file to Pst.

And to do that, use “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”, the most prominent software that will help you convert Olm files to Pst in a proper fashion. It is one of the rarest tools that can deliver the kind of performance required for this.

Problems associated with Mac Olm to Pst Conversion

This act of file conversion for two email clients that belong to two different operating system isn't exactly a walk in the park. There are constantly “things” that could potentially damage your data or impair the entire procedure of converting Mac Olm to Pst.

However, with the tool mentioned above, all these countless obstacles will be avoided and all you will get is a smooth experience of data migration.

Here are the most common form of setbacks usually experienced with ordinary tools –

  • Loss of several items and information, such as –

▪    Embedded Images

▪    Non-English text

▪    S/MIME define contents

▪    Email Attachments

▪    Email Properties (to, cc, bcc, subject, header, etc.)

▪    Nested Messages

▪    read/unread, flag, starred status

  • Modification of folder hierarchy after conversion
  • Difficulty for first time or less experienced users, mostly because of the hectic interfaces of majority of Olm to Pst Converters
  • Loss of time due to slow converters
  • Tedious and inefficient due to lack of certain necessary features absolutely required with Olm to Pst conversion

All of these problems, setbacks, and complications are effectively resolved by “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”. You simply download it, use it, and forget about the list of problems above. There is nothing you have to worry about. Neither about loss of data, incomplete conversion, lack of flexibility, corruption, nor about any other issue that shows up with Olm to Pst conversion in case of ordinary software. Nothing.

  • It offers a lot of unique functionalities and features that make the whole process effective. Such as –
  • Splitting Large Pst files. Simply set the maximum allowed size for Pst file, and the tool automatically splits any file that crosses the limit.
  • It also converts contacts and calendar data. Also, there is one handy little feature to merge all contacts to 'default' address book and all calendar entries to default calendar.
  • Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is one of the exclusive and few tools that competently handle large Olm files.
  • It also supports batch conversion. You can load multiple Olm files and convert all of them to Pst in one go.
  • You can also choose to merge Olm files to a single Pst file after conversion.


Microsoft may some time in future brings the ability to import Olm file to Outlook for Windows. Because with Mac Outlook 2016, it brought a similar feature where you could import Pst to Mac Outlook.

But by that time, there is no way to import Olm to Windows Outlook directly. Or open an Olm file without a Mac.

However, converting Olm to Pst using this tool called “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is not a bad option. It is simple to use and is quick.

You can give it a try here.