How to Import Olm files in Outlook Pst format?

There are many comments, emails, or posts, asking the question – How to import Olm files in Outlook for Windows?

The answer is straightforward.

You can't. At least not directly.

Windows Outlook has no support for Olm files; so you can't import them directly.

Then the question gets turned to – How to convert Olm files to Outlook Pst format? This is a better question and today we are dealing with it and will try to answer it.

Why to Convert or Import Olm files in Outlook Pst format?

Microsoft has perfected Outlook over the years to one of the best email clients for both Mac and Windows users. They offer a wide spectrum of features that allow users to do a lot of things not possible with any other client. The interface, the flexibility, the preferences, and the collaboration with online cloud services – all of it makes Outlook (Mac and Windows) excellent information managers.

However, there is sometimes this little complaint-ish tone of experts when talking about the lack of features of Mac Outlook when set side by side with its Windows cousin, or as many experts put it – “Windows stepchild”. Mac Outlook has grown in the last few years but managed to always stay a step behind its Windows Outlook.

Therefore, the work based heavily on emails in large scale may be more effectively done in Windows than Mac. This is the reason why there is a large chunk of users and companies shifting to Windows Outlook from Mac Outlook. To some it may seem far-fetched to switch to an entire platform for emailing needs, but that's just not seeing the complete picture.

Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office suite and along with it, you get other apps such as Word, Excel, Entourage, etc.

Anyway, the point of this article is not to try to bring one at the top of the other. There can be many reasons for switching email clients and even operating systems. It depends on the individual and their personal needs which system fits better.

Which brings us to the point of data migration. When you switch from Mac Outlook to Windows, you are faced with some confusing and surprising facts. Both email clients even though developed by Microsoft and having the same name have different data and archived files, which are not compatible with each other.

In case of Windows to Mac transfer, the user is a bit lucky. Mac Outlook 2016 has the feature to import or open Windows Pst files. But the Mac Olm files can't be imported into Windows Outlook.

So that's where you are stuck with the only option of converting Olm to Pst.

Use a Professional Software to Convert Olm to Pst

Before I go ahead with what I think is the best approach for the data migration, it is my duty to inform you what all possible solutions are there and then inform you of the benefits and pitfalls of all of those solutions.

Actually, there are not solutions but a solution (singular) that is used mostly. You create a new dummy account in Gmail (or any other that supports IMAP). Then in Mac Outlook after adding that account, you drag all those folders you want to convert to this account and wait for the data to sync to the online servers using internet. After that, you do the same thing in Windows Outlook, except this time you drag the folders from the email account (servers) to other folders locally and wait for the data to sync.

I don't know if it feels simple or convoluted to you, but I recommend not going down this road. It may be decent enough of a technique to migrate a moderately large database that has few folders. But is completely unfeasible for large databases. It has many pitfalls and traps that can leave you rattled. It also leads to broken data and corrupted files in case if internet connection is disturbed in the process. The worse part is that users may not even realize this immediately.

So, let us just evade any other solutions that may look like worth trying in the first place but are quite inefficient, and instead move on to much better, professionally endorsed solutions.

This can be done through a third party software that allows users to convert Olm to Pst files externally. That means once you have the data archived to Olm files, you don't need email clients themselves to perform the conversion. You simply use the tool and once the process is completely, you import the Pst files to Windows Outlook. You also don't need internet connection, except only once for downloading the tool.

Olm to Pst Converter Pro” by Gladwev Software

I am a huge vocal advocate of Gladwev Software and all of their solutions related to email migration. “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is the one we are interested in for this article. As the name suggests, it converts Olm to Pst and has a 'Pro' level standard for conversion. It is user-friendly, fast, accurate, and safe.

It is developed from the inside-out to deal with the complications of email files conversion. Gladwev was resolute to weed out any errors that had been present in almost all other tools for this job. The result is a neat, professional, and easy to use software that delivers streamline experience.

It allows users to –

  • Load multiple Olm files and convert them to Pst in one go.
  • Convert contacts and calendar as well, and even merge them to their respective 'default' folders.
  • Limit the size of Pst file and essentially splitting large Pst files to smaller files.
  • Merge multiple Olm files to one Pst file after conversion.
  • Easily select the folders for conversion, ignore empty folders, and filter folders containing emails, contacts, and calendar data.

Gladwev has earned my trust. But not just by “being” but by doing and offering services that are truly excellent. One of their important business decisions is offering free trial.

But, wait...every software comes with a free trial version. So why it such a big deal with them?

That's because their free trial versions are what every trial versions should be when it comes to software applications.

The free trial version of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” and every other Gladwev tools are perfect for evaluating their use, value, and performance.

That's because they are not limited in ways trial editions usually are.

With the free edition of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” you can check out all of its features as they really are in full versions. Nothing is locked out or disabled. The only thing that makes it a trial version is that it puts a cap to the number of conversions per folder and limits it to ten items per folder.

It is more than enough for the tool to give you its true impression of the abilities.

So get it now and start using it. The link to download is given below.

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