Convert Outlook for Mac to New PC

If you are moving to a new Windows PC after years of use of Mac, the headache involving data transfer from Mac to new Windows email client can be too much. It's no surprise that the files used by Mac Outlook (Olm files) are totally incompatible in Windows, no matter what email client you use. Therefore, there is always a big dilemma regarding this type of email migration.

Moreover, there can't be no journey when we don't know the destination. Similarly, until you have decided which email client you are going to use in your new PC, there can't possibly a solution to convert Outlook for Mac, because you wouldn't know what to convert it to.

We know one thing so far that Mac Olm files are not compatible with any software in Windows. So by all certainty, we have to convert Olm to other format.

That other format can be (should be) Pst, as we will see below.

Email Clients in Windows

There are many options to choose from, but that would be out of scope for this article. In short, there are free and paid email clients available, and which one you want, depends on your needs.

The most popular free ones are – Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, Mail app (Windows 10), Windows Live Mail (Windows essential), Outlook Express (discontinued) and Postbox.

Outlook express is not discontinued and can't be installed if you have Windows 7 or higher.

Mail App for Windows 10 is very intuitive and clean looking. However, it's more like an app than a desktop email client, with full fledged functionalities. It also comes pre-installed with Windows 10.

Outlook's desktop email client is the only paid client. The others are free. Which makes it very clear that Outlook is a highly polished and advanced software built by Microsoft, specially for professional users. If you have Windows 10, you can install the free Outlook app which gives you a lot of functionality to manage your emails, but it still doesn't offer the complete set of features the desktop client does.

As you can see, there are many roads to take. The best option is to choose Outlook complete desktop email client (not outlook express, not as web-based email client, and not Outlook as free Windows 10 app). If you constantly deal with emails, this will serve you well in coming time.

Converting Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

Back to business on how to convert Outlook for Mac to New PC.

Since now we have established that using Outlook is the best option to use in Windows, we are going to discuss how to convert your emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

As a side note – if you are going to use another email client, the rest of the article still concerns you. Because, most of the email clients don't offer direct way to import data from Mac email client. Some of them can import Mbox files, but not Olm files (Mac Outlook data file). But they do offer almost all of the options to import data from others Windows email client, such as Outlook.

Therefore, even if you choose client other than Windows Outlook, you can learn how to convert Olm files to Windows Pst format, and then import Windows Pst files to whatever email client (Thunderbird, eM client, etc.) you want.

What are Pst files?

Pst is a proprietary file format by Microsoft. It's a short form for 'Personal Storage Table'. The file is used primarily by Outlook to store all kinds of content, such as emails, contacts, and calendar data. It's one of the two types of formats that Outlook uses (.Ost being the other). Outlook automatically backs up data in .Pst format in its local database folder, but you can also manually archive it anytime.

Looking back, it now seems clear that the solution to convert Outlook for Mac to your New Windows Outlook is to convert Olm files to Pst files.

Use “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” for that!

Converting Olm to Pst files isn't also a simple task with clear markers. But with right set of tools, it's pretty straightforward.

Use “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” by Gladwev Software. It can load multiple Olm files and convert all of them to Pst files properly. The best thing about the tool is that it is very easy to use, considering its user-friendly and graphically oriented interface.

Here are few more features of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” that will help you in best way to move through this whole data migration –

It can control the size of Pst files by splitting the large files into smaller files. You can set the size when to split.
It displays the folders inside your selected Olm files, and you can select/deselect them for conversion.
It also converts contacts and calendar data, and merges them to default address book and default calendar, respectively.
If you can more than Olm files, you can convert them to Pst files in one go, and even merge all of those Olm files to a single Pst file (or depending on the maximum allowed size)
It supports non-English languages, S/MIME defined content, UNICODE, and ASCII coded content.
The tool converts everything without any modification in them, including the following otherwise tricky items and information elements – folders hierarchy, images and other graphical objects, attachments, text formatting of emails, properties and metadata, SMTP headers, etc.

 You can claim your free trial copy of “Olm to Pst Converter Prohere.

Mac and Windows both are wonderful computing platforms, and so are Mac and Windows Outlook. World as we see it today wouldn't be the same without them, and that's just not confined to the IT world or to computer professionals, but also to the outside general world as well. The issue with email migration, however, has always remained.

Not anymore. Use the tool and the information given above to smoothly transition from Mac to PC, and from Mac to Windows Outlook.

And hopefully, you are going to love your Windows.

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