Check Out the Best Olm to Pst Converter Full Version for Successful Migration from Mac to Windows

Email migration is a complex job that is apparently not up for everyone. The conversion of data from one file format to other is always demanding and full of complications.

What is email migration?

Email Migration is a process where data from email clients (mainly emails, contacts, and calendar entries) are transferred from one to another. Depending on the email clients involved, this can take place in many ways, such as syncing the data with online servers, direct importing/exporting of data file types, and other manual solutions.

This article is about the best Olm to Pst Converter full version, that means, it refers to the migration of data among Outlook versions of Mac to Windows. Therefore, none of the manual solutions are applied here. Olm can't be imported into Outlook; that leaves users with the option of file conversion.

This type of file conversion (.Olm to .Pst) is the hardest.

But do not worry. If you are here looking to download the best Olm to Pst converter full version, you won't be disappointed. Below is the name and the link of that converter that would make this incredibly easy and fluent for you, while also offering a wide range of advanced features.

Gladwev's “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is the ultimate file converter for Olm to Pst migration. It is brought to you by Gladwev Software. If before downloading the full version, you want a preview, you can download it free here. This free release works for 10 items for each folder inside selected Olm files, enough to give you an idea about its performance.

 Download Olm to Pst Converter Full Version here – User-friendly and Packed With Advanced Features

Distinct Features:-

  • Supports all languages
  • Preserves Folder hierarchy
  • Preserves email properties (to, cc, bcc, subject, from, etc.)
  • Preserves nested messages, embedded images, and email attachments
  • Splits large Pst files into smaller parts and allows you to set the maximum size limit
  • Converts and merges contacts and calendar data from Olm file to default address book and calendar
  • Supports multiple Olm file conversion at the same time
  • Supports merging of all selected Olm files to a single Pst file
  • Runs directly on Mac (10.6 or higher)
  • Fast, stable, and free of any bugs
  • Easy interface
  • Folder preview and selection option
  • Keeps the status of read/unread emails same
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Offers free updates regularly

The Rare Ability for 100% full and exhaustive Conversion


The Full Version of the Best Olm to Pst Converter and its Features


The thing that makes this Olm to Pst file Converter full version the best is its rare ability to offer exactly 100% full conversion. In simple terms, it means that it does not leave out any part of data from Olm file. It will go into great depths and range of the loaded Olm file and pick up even the smallest byte of information. Some of the features stated in the list above relates to this data accuracy, such as, preserving email attachments, email properties, folders hierarchy, embedded Images, nested messages, read/unread status, and other meta-data.

When it comes email migration, any email migration and not just Olm to Pst, this ability for exhaustive conversion is the most important. Users these days use desktop email clients as opposed to web-based email clients for the control and flexibility of complex data that they can store and take benefits of. If during migration, this data is lost, the whole meaning of using a desktop email client is lost. Moreover, in business setting, anything that is lost or not converted fully into Pst file can be very damaging.

With “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” you can be relaxed that that's never going to happen.

Other Value Added Services

It's graphical interface is highly user-friendly. So much that even if you are a complete beginner and has no particular knowledge about email migration, you can begin converting your files without any outside help or any prior experience. Simply follow the instructions given on the screen and you will be fine.

However, it is still plausible that you may face some kind of a setback. Or you may have some questions or queries related particularly to your personal situation. In those cases, you will love the assistance the support team behind the tool can offer. It is 24x7 and responds almost immediately.

The full version of “Olm to Pst converter Pro” has no limitations and includes every essential feature you will ever need to perform this. The free edition (trial version) has only one limitation that it converts only 10 items per folder. Click here to download it.

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