Convert Mac .Olm to .Pst Easily

If you are coming to Windows Outlook from Mac Outlook, you must be worried about this process of data migration. There are lots of emails and contacts and other items that might have been inside Mac Outlook, and you sure want it to be transferred to your new Outlook for Windows edition.

This can be achieved through converting Mac .Olm to .Pst files. What are these two data files, you ask? Good question. Let's briefly shed light on these file formats.

 What is Olm (and Pst) file?

Email clients store within them a lot of data. Their whole purpose is dealing with emails, and emails can be a source of huge data coming your way. Thus, all email clients including Outlook store this data is some sort of a file. Olm and Pst are those formats used respectively by Mac and Windows Outlook. These files contain emails, attachments, contacts, and calendar, and pretty much everything that's associated with Outlook. Both files remain in your offline local drives.

There is a difference between both files, however. For Mac Outlook, Olm is not automatically created within the identity database folder. It is simply an archiving file where users can export/archive their emails and other items. Whereas, Pst is one of the main files (other file, for instance, being Ost) that Windows Outlook uses to deal with data storage. Also, like Olm file format, a user can manually archive the data to a new Pst file.

The other way of explaining the difference is that Mac Outlook doesn't automatically create/archive/backup data in an Olm file. When you manually do it, you can save the file at any location in your hard drive that you want. As in the case of Windows Outlook, you can do the same, but there is also a default location where these files, including Pst file, are saved by the software itself. Whenever you make changes, these changes get reflected in the default Pst file as well.

A Path of no Obstacles for Olm to Pst Conversion

Back to the topic of transferring data. As already stated in the first passage above that for data to be transferred from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, users need to convert Mac .Olm to .Pst format. This is because of the simple fact that Olm files are not yet recognized (supported) by Windows Outlook. So the need for file conversion arises.

However, if you have never done so, you'd be in much trouble. Even if you have previously converted the files, without the right guidance or without the proper tools, you can't pull this task off easily.

There are programs that are available for both Mac and Windows that let you convert Olm to Pst files. But the one you'll choose should be chosen wisely or else you can end up with impaired data files with loss of fidelity.

So, what is the path for converting the files that offers no resistance and no setbacks? In other words, which tool can make it happen such that my files are converted and I face no data integrity loss or other problems at all?

In short, the answer to that question is – “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”.

It's a utility developed by Gladwev Software that comes for both Mac and Windows (Mac version recommended). “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” advances the whole email migration industry to a higher standard by allowing users to convert their Mac Olm files to Pst with sharper accuracy, ease of use, and with high efficiency.

The free trial version can be downloaded here.