Finest Olm to Pst Tool for Mac

 Olm to Pst Migration can be a bit awkward. For basic users, it can be very problematic.

But as with any hard job, great tools can make it easy and effective. Same is the case with this one.

You can convert your data easily using an effective Olm to Pst tool. A professional built tool will let you convert your Mac Outlook Olm to Pst files with ease and efficiency. It will also be incorporating several features that will make it better in some particularly unique cases. This will add flexibility and more control in how each individual can convert his or her files.

However, go with the incompetent tools, and you can quickly turn the whole process into a nightmare. An inefficient Olm to Pst conversion tool is worse than any other form of inefficient tools on your computer. The only reason being is that it will deal with some of the most important data you might be having – your emails and contacts. A small hiccup while converting Olm to Pst file can lead to major failures, not just small annoyances.

How an effective Olm to Pst Conversion Tool Should be!

Let's find out the two most important features the finest Olm to Pst tool should have.

1. Should be Easy to use – It's the first and foremost requirement. It's a requirement for most of the software programs, not just Olm to Pst conversion programs. A professional tool should make it easy for basic users to interact with the tool and its interface. The features should be easy to apply at the correct time and place. The instructions should be direct and should make clear sense to users. In short, if you are looking to download Olm to Pst conversion tool, look for the one that has intuitive user-interface.

2. Should control the size of Pst files – This one is specific for Olm to Pst conversion tools. Outlook for Windows has given the general recommendation regarding the size of Pst files to upload/import  – under 2 GB. More than that, it may start affecting the performance of Outlook negatively. In many cases, the Pst file may not even get imported. Therefore, it's a major issue that every developer making a user-friendly Olm to Pst tool must consider. There should be ways to keep the size of Pst file file under control.

Best Olm to Pst Conversion Tool With The two Above Features Added to it!

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is the finest tools available to transfer your emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. It has the both features mentioned above – it has a highly intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface and it can split Pst files and avoid making them over-sized.

On top of that, it also brings certain other useful handy functionalities to the user. Such as –

  • Multiple Olm files to Pst conversion support

  • Optionally merges all selected Olm files to one Pst file

  • Non-English language support

  • Allows users to preview folders and select them

  • Converts contacts and calendar data

  • Merges contacts to default address book

  • Merges calendar data to default calendar app for Windows Outlook

  • While converting, it keeps the following items preserved – attachments, images, email properties and meta-data (to, cc, bcc, from, subject line, etc.), nested messages, folder hierarchy, etc.

  • Generates full, detailed conversion log report

Download Olm to Pst Conversion tool – Trial Copy

Do you want to try it?

You can download the trial free Olm to Pst conversion tool with the 'download now' link given below. This edition lets you convert 10 items per folder from Olm to Pst, without any other restriction to actual features.

For many years, this the job of transferring your data from Mac to Windows Outlook has been disappointing. Even with expensive tools and experts, it never was performed with accuracy and precision. Basic users suffered the most. It still is a bit rough, if you don't know how to do it, and what tools to use.

And most of all, this task is much likely to be resulting in data loss and corruption. Therefore, it is recommended to do it with attention and always make it a habit to keep backup of your original Olm file. However, If you are planning to download “Olm to Pst converter Pro”, you can be relaxed that there will be no such events with this one.

Also, there is a 24x7 support offered by Gladwev Software, which is very responsive and helpful.

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