Convert Olm file on Mac – Quick, Detailed, and Intensive

Here's the simple trick if you want to move your emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook –

Archive or Export all your data to an Olm file. (Go to file → Export → Select folders to export)

  1. Download the free trial version of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” [PC or Mac Version both available] from here.
  2. Load Olm file (from step 1) to this tool
  3. Choose folders and click “Convert”.

These simple 4 steps will have your Olm file converted to Pst for Windows Outlook. Then, the last step is import this Pst file to your Windows Outlook by going to File → Import → Select the Pst file.

Import Olm File on PC by Converting it to Pst Using The Solution Given Here

The main part of the above steps is the tool “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” that lets the whole process gets very easy and quick for you. Otherwise, it is not as simple as that sounds.

Migrate Olm file on Mac to Pst Through this Professional Mac File Conversion Application

Let's take a look at what “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” does and how it helps in this scenario.

Batch Conversion – In many cases, users have more than one Olm file. That makes such a conversion highly tangled into frustration because you to have to convert each Olm file on PC to Pst. Instead, this tool lets you load all of them at once and convert them to Pst in a single attempt.

Lack of Speed – Next common burden while importing Olm File on PC is usually the lack of speed of the software migrating the files. Furthermore, this issue turns more intensive and serious when the database under the task is huge. The lack of speed of the application would become even more frustrating and unproductive. “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” saves the day with its innovative techniques on speeding up every command, every execution, and the overall time required. It picks up everything with incredible swiftness and leaves the users with high productivity. 

Shows Folders and Allows Selection – The tool doesn't open Olm file on PC when you select the Olm file or files to convert. But, after reading the contents it shows you all the folders inside the files in the correct hierarchy. And then you can even select the folders that you want to convert and leave the rest. This enables the users to make the conversion even more controlled and detailed, since you are not forced to convert the full database, as is the case with many non-professional tools.

Ability for Full Conversion – The last best feature, but definite not the least, is its ability to convert each and every single item inside the Olm files. When you archive the data to an Olm file, Outlook for Mac excludes some of the information, such as the account information or the Outlook preferences. It only exports the data and every information associated with it.

Most Olm file to Pst converters cannot fully convert all of that. But “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” can. Here is the list of those items that are generally excluded, but not by this tool –

  • Folders hierarchy
  • Embedded Images
  • non-English characters
  • Nested Messages
  • Email properties (To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, From, etc.)
  • time and date
  • email Attachments

All of these items are necessary for proper email management. How would you feel if you lost these information snippets during migration? It's not certainly not desirable by any user. “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is reliable and gives peace of mind that whatever your original Olm file contains will successfully be put into its place in newly generated Pst files.

Other Features

Other than, here are few additional functionalities offered by the tool when migrating Olm file on Mac or on PC.

Split large Pst files into two

Convert contacts to default address book

  • Convert Calendar to default calendar application
  • Merge all Olm files to one Pst file

Try Before Buying

You can experience the tool in full action by trying its demo edition. This edition is for trial reasons so you can find out about its features through direct experience. It will convert 10 items per folder, and besides that, there is no other restriction.

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