Free Software to Convert Olm to Pst Easily

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is a free software to convert Olm to Pst using a friendly graphical interface. The software supports all languages, delivers fast rate of conversion, and converts the data exhaustively without any integrity issues.

  • 24x7 customer support
  • All Updates Free for lifetime
  • Runs directly on Mac (10. 6 or higher)
  • Free License Available

Convert Olm to Pst Freeware for Exhaustive Data Migration Without Integrity Issues

This particular converting Olm to Pst freeware is available to download here. It doesn't have any time limitation that means you can always use it forever. However, if you want to convert more than 10 items per folder inside Olm files, you need to order one of the four different licenses.

About: Olm and Pst

Olm is a file extension or a file format used by Microsoft Mac Outlook to store contents. You can manually archive all of your data into an Olm file.

The similar function is served by Pst file in Windows Outlook. Both files help users backup their data, restore data in case of corruption, and also transfer the data from one to another.

By converting Olm to Pst, we can also transfer emails from Mac to Windows Outlook, since Olm isn't supported by Windows Outlook yet.

The Biggest Challenge with Converting Olm to Pst file free – Data Inaccuracy

Any converting Olm to Pst freeware has a lot of demanding complications to resolve to actually deliver the accurate conversion results. Both files are not interchangeable and thus leaves the user and the tool in a predicament. Email clients of the present time are very sophisticated and so is the data stored inside them.

Have you every received your emails with images embedded inside them?

Do you receive emails in a non-English language?

Do you receive attachments with emails?

Do you manage your emails in folders?

If the answer is yes, you must be concerned about all of that info – non-English characters, attachments, folders structure/hierarchy, images, and other meta-data and hidden info. Any typical Olm to Pst file converter would ignore the parts of Olm file and the information inside it, which makes the conversion incomplete and inaccurate.

That's where “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” enters the scene. Using its wide and detailed data deciphering technology, it targets even the minutest piece of information and successfully brings it into Pst files with no modification.

How to Convert Olm to Pst Free

Download the freeware “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” here. Keep in mind that it limits the conversions to 10 items from each folder inside the selected Olm files.

Install and launch the tool. You will see the icon labeled “Load Olm”. Click on it, go to the location where you have saved Olm files, and select them (You can choose more than one Olm file). The tool reads the contents and shows you all the folders inside the selected Olm files.  You are free to choose the folders you want to convert; simply check the boxes next to them. Alternatively, you can select the type of items you want to convert (mails, contacts, and calendar).

At last, click “Convert” and let the tool convert the data to Pst files.

This is the simplest and quickest way to migrate emails from Mac to Windows Outlook without the expense of data loss and data integrity losses.

Other Functionalities

You can also do the following –

  • Split Pst files. Specify the maximum file size you want for Pst, after which, the tool will itself any file that would cross that limit into two, making it easier to import those Pst files into Outlook.
  • Merge contacts and calendar data into default address book and calendar of Windows Outlook.
  • Merge all Olm files into one Pst file (depending on the maximum size allotted).

Free and Paid Version

This is a freeware to convert .Olm format to Pst file like a professional. If you want to convert more than 10 items per folder, you can choose one of the different paid licenses for unlimited conversions.

Download the free version here.

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