Top 4 Problems When Converting Olm to Pst And Their Solutions

 When it comes to converting Olm to Pst, there are always those concerns that can come in between your target of accurate and successful conversions. Most of the times, the setbacks faced during Olm to Pst migration can be frustrating. Let's talk about the most common 4 problems when converting Olm to Pst, and how you can solve or avoid them.

1. Large Pst files

This is a problem that is as old as Outlook for Windows itself. Windows Outlook doesn't import large Pst files properly. Thus, getting a big Pst file when converting from Olm is a big concern and hasn't been solved effectively yet.

What you can do –

  • • Export data to Olm files from Outlook in parts, thus creating multiple small Olm files to convert to Pst
  • • Inside your conversion tool, choose the folders to convert in parts, thus creating multiple small Pst files

2. Time Consuming

Converting Mac Olm files to Windows Pst can be time consuming. It's a manifold process with heavy and complex mechanics. Therefore, in most cases where database is huge, it might take a lot of time.

There isn't a lot that you can do in regards to Olm to Pst conversion itself. However, there are few general tips to improve your computer's performance.

What you can do –

  • Close all background processes that might be slowing down your computer, and do not multitask during the conversion.
  • Clean your computer – temp files, broken shortcuts, etc.
  • Run a virus-scan and remove any harmful and malicious that might be affecting computer's performance.
  • An additional option is to upgrade to an SSD drive. It's an expensive option and won't only benefit Olm to Pst conversion, but would make your computer much faster for all kinds of programs.

 3. Conversion Process Getting Stuck at Some Point

Sometimes, when a tool is converting folders from Olm to Pst, it gets stuck at some point and doesn't progress any further. This happens usually when a folder or a file is damaged and the tool might not be able to convert or skip that file.

What you can do –

  • Notice the name of the folder when software is hung. Abort the process, start it again, and this time exclude that folder from conversion.
  • Just wait. Sometimes, an Olm to Pst migration program takes time.
  • Repair your Olm files using Mac Outlook repair utility.
  • Clean your computer.
  • Uninstall your Olm to Pst tool, restart the computer, and try again.

4. Damaged Olm files

One of the most commonly and very vexing issue is the damaged or corrupted Olm file. If you load a damaged Olm file to your Olm to Pst export program, you are likely to face a lot of setbacks.

What you can do –

  • If possible, delete the damaged file, and export data to a new Olm file
  • Repair Olm file using recovery utilities

A Much Better Alternative Solution To Convert Olm to Pst

Many of these above issues can easily be solved by using a good, professional Olm to Pst Converter.

For instance, Gladwev's tool called “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”. It brings effective solutions to these setbacks without asking for much manual task from users.

Let's see how it solves those issues.

➔    Large Pst files This tool automatically splits large Pst files into smaller parts.

➔    Time Consuming – It has a highly advanced conversion algorithm that runs with a blazing fast speed, and assures much quicker conversion than the ordinary tools offer. Of course, the overall speed of converting Olm to Pst depends on size of Olm files, you computer specs, and other factors already mentioned above.

➔    Conversion stuck at some point Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is one of the most smooth running tools in email migration industry. It is capable of dealing with broken data relatively much better than other tools. Developers have made sure that it runs with no lag, glitch, and without crashing.

    Damaged Olm files If you have completely damaged Olm files, no migration tool in the world will be able to convert them. You can use repair tools to restore the content inside those files.

Yet again, the better option is to use “Olm to Pst converter ultimate” which is an advanced version of 'Pro'. It converts the data without needing an Olm files. The tool works directly with your Mac Outlook database, and thus eliminating the concern of corrupted Olm files altogether.


You can download “Olm to Pst Converter Ultimate” here (free trial version).

And download “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” here. (Free Trial Version)