Convert Outlook 2011 to Pst in a Fashion That's Impressively Accurate and Thorough

To move your emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook, you have to do a conversion task. You have to convert Olm to Pst.

What are these two file formats- Olm and Pst? Let's discuss them for a while.

Olm – Olm is an Outlook data file where it can store all of its content in an archived format. It doesn't automatically archive the data to it. You can either use time machine to set it up or manually use Outlook's export feature to do it. Olm file contains all kinds of items and information, such as contacts, emails, calendar data, notes, distribution lists, etc. But it does not contain is your account settings or Outlook preferences.

Pst – Pst, short for 'personal storage table', is an open proprietary file format used for the similar purpose as Olm. Unlike, Olm file in Mac Outlook, here Windows Outlook automatically create a Pst file in case of POP3 email account. You can also manually archive the data to Pst at any time.

Both file formats allow users to archive data and free up storage space from mail servers. Other than that, they also serve the function of back up file. Users can restore their emails from Olm files at any time they want. They are also easier to share via emails or other file sharing systems.

The issue when it comes to transferring Outlook 2011 (mac) to Outlook Windows is that these both file formats are incompatible with other email client. Therefore, there arises the need to convert Olm to Pst files, using a third party software or tool.

Things to Take Care of While Converting Olm to Pst

This job of file conversion is unlike any other. If you are converting a video file to an audio file, there isn't much complexity involved with it. There are many programs that can separate audio and video and extract data easily. But in the case of email file conversion such as Olm to Pst, it is not that straightforward.

It relates directly to the simple fact that Olm files do not just contain one type of data. Furthermore, the output format (Pst) that it is converted to vary significantly in all aspects. Emails text, images, attachments, contacts, and every other item are not structured in same way for both files. In short, both files have two very different architecture, and it gets tricky for any program to make sense of what goes where.

Consequently, it is important to take care of certain things when converting Mac Olm format to Pst. And more importantly, before deciding which software to use, it's important to find out if it takes care of the things written below.

  • Will your folder hierarchy remain safe after the conversion?

  • Will it be able to preserve the images inside the email bodies?

  • Will non-English characters be converted without any damage?

  • What will happen to all the properties, headers, and meta-data? For instance – To, Ccc, Bcc, From, Subject, Time and Date, etc.

  • Will the tool be able to control the size of Pst files and stop them from getting oversized?

  • How much time the whole conversion process will take?

All of these concerns and questions are very important for this job. Because any thing that doesn't go according to the plan may result in some serious issues. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting a lot of your time and finding out that converted Pst files are damaged or doesn't contain the full data as in original Olm files.

The Best Solution for Outlook 2011 to Pst Conversion

Which brings us to the whole point of the discussion – what's the best way to convert Olm to Pst?

There are many good programs that let you do this with efficiency, however, the best tools among all of them would clearly be “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”. It brings the some advanced data conversion algorithms to ensure that there is no loss of any information, and what you put in is what you get out.

It will preserve all of your images, non-English characters, meta-data and properties, nested messages, and attachments. It also controls the size of Pst files by splitting the large ones into two smaller parts. Furthermore, the tool has one of the most user-friendly interfaces that finally make this daunting job easy for all kinds of users, not just experts. The friendly graphical wizard guides users at each step, smoothing out the overall experience from start to finish.

You can give it a try. The free trial version can be instantly downloaded from the links given below.

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