Convert Olm to Pst Smartly With No Data Integrity Loss

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” brings the ease of converting your Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook Pst files directly to your hands. Now let go of all the dreaded anxiety of incomplete migration through ordinary tools. It works on the advanced and effective conversion mechanics that makes the clean transformation of data between files.

How does it work?

Simply export your emails to an Olm file using the export/archive feature of Mac Outlook. Load that file to “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”, select the folders you want to convert, and click “start”.

Onces done, the tool will display “Conversion successful” message and you can click on “Locate converted Pst” to go to the folder where Pst files are stored. You can also read the brief log report or open the full log report for further analysis of the conversion.

Then, copy the Pst files to your Windows PC and import them to Windows Outlook.

The tool scans the files more extensive and thoroughly than any other tool, thus giving accurate migration results. It also reconstructs every single item after extraction with higher precision than rest of the available tools.

What does “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” convert?

As explained above, it converts data from Mac Outlook data through Olm files to Pst, but what exactly does it convert from those sources?

The answer is everything. Whatever can be stored in Olm and Pst file, it converts them properly. Here is the full list of items and information snippets that it can convert –

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calendar Entries
  • Email Attachments (media and non-media types)
  • Embedded Images
  • Folder hierarchy/tree structure
  • Properties of emails (to, cc, Bcc, subject, from)
  • SMTP headers
  • Formatting of email text
  • other embedded objects such as excel sheets, tables, etc.
  • S/MIME defined content
  • Unicode content (all languages, including double-byte characters, and special characters)

In short, what you get is the perfect mirrored data from Olm files, in the form of Pst files that you can import to Windows Outlook without any issues.


Splits large Pst files. – Simple set the maximum size you want to allow for Pst file and the tool limits the files to that size and then create a second one for additional data. Thus, in consequence, splitting the large Pst files into smaller files.

Why is this needed? Simply because Outlook can sometimes be grouchy when it comes to large Pst files. It doesn't import them, and if it does, the data comes like a horrible disfigured entity.

Graphical User-interface the interface of the software is graphical wizard style for easy migration without any learning curve. Both experts and beginners will love its stylish and functional UI. All the features/buttons are nicely nestled inside the single screen wizard.

Fast Performance the speed with which it runs is super fast, beating all other tools in the market. When it comes to email migration, or any other software for that matter, the main objective is productivity, and to achieve something that would otherwise take too long or impossible. Therefore, the rate of conversion is a very important factor for email migration tools and it does a wonderful job.

Bug-Free Creating a sophisticated piece of email migration tool is hard enough as it is. But making sure that it runs smoothly, support all kinds of Pst files, and runs totally glitch-free is an achievement worth mentioning. That's what “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is. It delivers extreme smooth and streamline experience.

Support The technical 24x7 support is a feature in its own. The team is highly responsive and helpful.

You can find the free trial edition here and give it a test run.