Outlook Mail Software for Mac to Windows Outlook

Outlook Mail software, or more simply known as 'Mac Outlook', is an email client that helps you deal with emails, such as storing, archiving, sending and receiving emails, etc. It's counterpart, Windows Outlook, for Windows platform, is also one of the most used clients.

In spite of Outlook Software for Mac and Windows both, being developed by Microsoft, their data files are not compatible with each other. Outlook Mac software uses Olm file, whereas Windows Outlook uses Pst. These two files are vastly different. And while its possible to import Pst fie in Mac Outlook, it's not possible import Olm in Windows'.

What are the solutions for moving from Outlook Software for Mac to Windows edition?

Well, if you are serious about moving your emails safely and properly, you have only one choice – use a third party software to convert the format of your files as needed. If you aren't serious and don't care about safety, accuracy, and the flexibility in how you migrate, you have another option.

It's manual and requires no installation of any third party application. I will skim this, as most of you are reading this wouldn't be interested in it. I will still do it for references purposes.

  • Create a Gmail account (or any other IMAP account)
  • On your Windows and Mac Outlook software, add this account
  • Sync emails from Mac Outlook Software (client) to account (server)
  • Sync emails from account (server) to Windows Outlook (client)


Why I don't recommend is because it's not effective, simply put. And if you have more than a Gb of data, it will be unpractical, will zap to your internet to zilch, and even then, the resulting accuracy of the data is a blunder.

Keep yourself away from it.

What other option to move data from Outlook Mac Software to windows?

Second option is using a third party application that converts the file formats from .Olm to .Pst. These converters are capable of turning every byte of data from source format (Olm) to destination format (Pst) without any flaws, such as broken images or unreadable text, messed up structure, or such.

Though, it depends on what kind of a tool you are using. If you were swayed by an inferior tool to buying it, you are worse than choosing to do it manually. The biggest issue with these inferior software solutions is the risk factor of installing some third party adware or malware or even viruses. Therefore, it's very crucial that you choose to install safe tools from safe sources.

If you want to safely move everything from Outlook Mac Software to Outlook Windows, you are going to need “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”.

Why I recommend this tool and not any other?

  • The top reason being – it's by one of the most reputed companies, Gladwev Software, which has brought multiple email migration solutions.

And then it has some really nice features not seen elsewhere.

  • It can load multiple Olm files, as opposed to other tools where you have to convert each Olm file to Pst separately.
  • Merge multiple Olm files to one Pst file.
  • It also converts contacts and calendar.
  • You have the option to merge multiple items under 'default' category.
  • Set maximum size limit for Pst file, and the tool will split any file that goes over the limit.
  • Full log report for analysis.
  • Very easy to use interface


Full Conversion from Mac Outlook Software

The most important part of any migration is to completely convert the data without any bugs and errors and missing components. Mac Outlook Software stores everything into an Olm file, except Outlook preferences and account settings. It's important for any tool to read the data thoroughly, extract it from Olm files, and reconstruct it for Pst format. There are other seemingly good tools, but their conversion is always incomplete. You could find lots of missing elements, such as images, attachments, headers, meta-data, etc.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” has an advanced read-file system that won't miss anything. It's conversion is accurate down to the smallest byte. Whatever you see inside Mac Outlook Software or Olm files, you'd also be able to see in converted Pst files without modification. Such as –

  • Embedded Images
  • Email Attachments
  • SMTP headers
  • S/MIME defined emails
  • Non-English and UTF-8 characters
  • Email statuses, such as read/unread, starred, flagged, etc.
  • Folder structure.

That's why I am being advocate of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” and Gladwev Software in general. It gives users plenty of features and flexibility to migrate their emails and every other item safely and reliably. The free trial version is available here. Give it a try!