Outlook for Mac Export to Pst in Systematic Way Leading to Complete and Precise Data Conversion

Olm file can be used for multiple purposes. Mostly when the space on the server is over the allowed quota, users export data to Olm file to save up space. This archived format can later be used to restore data. It can also be used to keep a backup copy to be safe from any virus attack or any other activity that damages the files. But mostly, this Olm file is used for migration of emails to other email clients by converting it to the respective file format. And that's what we are going to talk about in this article.

Today, the email migration we are talking about is moving to Windows Outlook from Mac. Therefore, what we need is a speedy and easy way for Outlook for Mac export to Pst, as Pst is the Windows Outlook data file format.

To export emails to Olm

To begin, you first need an Olm file with all the contents inside Mac Outlook, or the content that you need to move to Windows Outlook. Here's how to do it –

  • Inside Mac Outlook, go to 'file' – 'export' – Mac Outlook Data file
  • Choose the account and folders you want to export, and follow the instructions.
  • Choose the location to store the Olm file.

 Use Olm file to export/convert Mac Outlook to Pst 

The best way is through “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”, a professional Mac application that allows the essential features to perform the conversion. It is available to download from here. You can choose the trial license if you want to see the tool in action without any risk. Register for the full license later on.

Support for Non-English Language 

Most Olm file converters doesn't natively support all languages. If you have a lot of emails in other languages, you might be risking losing them if you employed an ordinary tool. Many sophisticated users find a way to save them, but it is not easy, and it is not a fail-safe method.

Outlook Mac Export to Pst using an Easy and Yet Powerful Olm file Converter

That's why, it is a major concern for many users who constantly deal with associates, friends, or anyone living in a non-English country. Any email with non-English characters would have text encoded in double-byte characters, which are hard to read and convert to Pst.

This is where “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”. It supports all languages, since the file (Pst) that it generates after extracting from Olm is Unicode, that means, it can even preserve languages like Chinese and Korean which are double-byte characters.

Folders Structure Reserved 

What is a folder structure? It is a hierarchy of folders and sub-folders that you created to manage your emails in an order. It is very important, specially for those who receive a lot of different emails. You might have created folders like “work”, “personal”, “travel”, etc. And some users even create sub-folders inside the first tier, such as “Travel-Spain”, etc. This information about the hierarchy is itself stored in Olm file that you load into the software. However, ordinary tools don't support the feature to keep it preserved after the conversion.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” does.

 Why is it otherwise so hard for exporting Mac Outlook to Pst

It is hard for one simple reason – Mac and Windows Outlook are built for different platforms, and their file formats (Olm and Pst) are very different. Emails attachments, nested messages, images, non-English characters, and every other info are encoded and structured differently. It is a challenge for any third party tools to scan and detect every bit of data and convert it to Pst.

.Olm to .Pst Converter Pro” trumps every other tool because of its advanced technology that allows it to scan every Olm file as deeply as possible and implement the extracted data to Pst in an appropriate way. It holds every trick of data computation and executes it flawlessly. That's why when you use it, you won't find a single data corruption issue.

 Furthermore –

  • It has a simple GUI
  • It keeps read/unread status of emails
  • It allows splitting of Pst files into two small parts
  • It converts contacts to default address book
  • It converts calendar data to default outlook calendar
  • It allows batch conversion of Olm files
  • It merges multiple Olm files to one single Pst file
  • It offers full conversion report in the end
  • It provides 24x7 customer support
  • All the updates are always free

The setup is very small in size and can be downloaded instantly here. This free copy is limited only to 10 item conversions per folder.

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