Outlook 2011 Mac Import Pst Reduced to Couple of Simple Steps

Outlook 2011 is a Mac email client launched in 2010, replacing Entourage. It quickly rose to prominence among Mac users because of its additional features and a truly user-friendly interface.

This Mac Outlook uses Olm as the primary data file for storing emails, contacts, calendar data, and everything else. If your mailbox quota is small, you can archive your data in Olm files and delete data from servers. Other than that, Olm file format servers several other purposes as well, like backup and transfer of data.

Similarly, the Pst file is associated with Windows Outlook, just as Olm is associated with Mac Outlook 2011. Pst is also acronym for 'personal storage table'. This format is also used for many purposes, to save space from online servers, for backup, and for migration of data.

To migrate data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, you need a way for Outlook 2011 Import to Pst, that means, you need a way to convert Olm files to Pst. For that, you need an Olm file Converter.

Import Olm into Outlook 2011 By Converting Them to Pst Format Using This Tool

Olm file converter is simply what the phrase suggests, a converter for Olm files that can convert Olm into Pst. A good quality, professionally built software would have these features –

 User-friendly Graphical Interface

  • ability to load multiple Olm files
  • No lag when dealing with large Olm files
  • Feature to split large Pst files into two parts
  • Full Conversion without leaving any element

These features for a file converter sounds obvious and essential, however, sadly most of the Olm to Pst Converters don't let users allow these functions. Because of the challenge associated with exchange between two very different platforms.

Therefore, there is one software company that sent out to create a tool that could once and for all end the inefficiency that has plagued this industry for a long time. Gladwev Software has specialized in several email migration tools, and this time they brought “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” for Outlook 2011 Import to Pst.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” holds special programming elements that weren't seen before. This software solution brings a smooth and quick transformation of file formats, without compromising the quality of the conversion.

To go back to our earlier topic about the essential features any Olm file converter should have – let's take a look at “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” from that angle.

Interface – Interface is not only important for a file converter or email migration tool, but for any software. Most converters fail to make it user-friendly. They contain a lot of manual interventions that a basic user might feel very confused about.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” has a different approach. Using its interface, here's how you can easily import Outlook 2011 Mac data into Pst format in simple 3 steps –

 Load Olm files (You can select any number of Olm files to convert to Pst in one attempt)

  • Check the boxes next to folders to select them for conversion (You don't have to convert the complete database. Sometimes there are some folders or data that isn't important, so you may want to leave them out).
  • Specify other options (see below) and click 'Convert'.

 Other Special Possibilities or Functions offered by the tool

Split large Pst files Sometimes Windows Outlook fails to import files larger than 2 GB (Usually) and even if it does import the file, the performance can be dragged down because of large files. Therefore, “Olm to Pst Converter pro” features a very important ability to specify the maximum file size, after which the tool will automatically split them into two smaller sized files.

Special Conversion Algorithms for Contacts and Calendar – Do you also want to convert contacts and calendar data, along with your emails? Do not worry; you don't need any third party additional application. This tool can work even with your contacts and calendar data and convert them to default address book and outlook calendar respectively.

Merge them Another nifty little function lets you merge them all into one.

Merge Multiple Olm files into Pst files for those users who wants to convert multiple Olm files, they have to freedom to convert and merge all of them into one Pst file (up to the maximum sized limit).

Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is built for both normal email migration purposes for basic home users. Due to its easy interface, there is no prior knowledge or experience required for anyone to use it. As for experts, the tool features the highly sophisticated possibilities (like the ones mentioned above) that can give a lot of control to experts and professionals in order to import Outlook 2011 Mac data to Pst.

Considering these fine qualities that aren't seen anywhere else so far, this email migration tool definitely will mark an impression in to your mind. Find the free down-loadable copy here and give it a try.

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