Gladwev's Olm to Pst Converter Pro Compatible With Mac for Effective Data Migration

'Gladwev Software' is a name behind some of the most effective tools for email migration.

They have solved many of the hard problems when it comes to converting or exporting from two email clients and their files. The tools offered by Gladwev Software outshines in every aspect, such as their ease of use, interface, the speed of file conversion, the accuracy of converted data, and so on.

Migrating between two clients has always been a challenge and Gladwev has dealt with that challenge in new and unique ways, giving you the simplest and most effective email conversion tools.

Email migration between Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook is similar in terms of challenges and complications. They both use different data files that can't be imported with the other one, which makes data migrating difficult. But as Gladwev has offered solutions for most email migration tasks, they have offered for this one too.

Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is their software that can help in converting data files of both of these clients (Olm and Pst). Gladwev has poured a lot of resources and efforts into making the tool as effective and easy to use as possible. It is unlike any other email migration tools for this job. From the installation to the actual use, everything has been refined and polished for ultimate experience.

Gladwev is always known for dealing with things a bit differently. They have a software team that goes a step further in making good the best, and they have done the same with this one. If you have ever used these tools before to migrate your emails, you'd know the difference instantly.

  • The interface is innovative and imaginative. It applies some of the modern design techniques that make the tool user-friendly.
  • The data algorithms are written so as to convert the data from files extensively. The frequent problems with majority of the tools is that they fail to convert each and every item from the files leading to incongruent and crippled data in output Pst files.
  • The tool has been devised such that it is capable of managing large scale, heavy migration, but is also suited for basic users for small to medium scale migration. The tool supports multiple Olm conversion in a batch.
  • Gladwev has introduced some of the features that add more functionality to the tool other than it's primary task of data conversion.

▪                    You can filter mails, contacts, and calendar folder

▪                    You can merge contacts and calendar to their respective folders.

▪                    You can merge multiple Olm files to a single Pst file.

▪                    You can split Pst files if they are getting larger in size.

Wish to try it? Click the link below and download it now.

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