Olm to Pst Freeware for Smooth Transition of Emails from Mac to Windows Outlook

If there is one task in computers that has always troubled users more than anything else, that would be the migration of emails from Mac to Windows Outlook. However, since professional third party Olm to Pst freeware have come to market, the task has become fairly simple.

The finest and Most effective Olm to Pst Converter Free

These professional free Olm to Pst converters have really helped this otherwise tedious task to become simpler and quick. But to be honest, all of them don't have the same level of expert design and technology to pull off the task properly. This raises many concerns in many cases, such as –

  • Loss or corruption of original Olm files
  • Incomplete Migration
  • Modification of data in Pst files
  • Broken Non-English characters
  • Time consuming due to slow conversions

 ...and many others.

Free Olm to Pst Converter For quick and Safe Data export

Therefore, even though there is no shortage of decent free olm to pst converter for mac, one should still look for the best converters.

Through various tries, testimonials, and careful analysis, we have come up with one tool that comes at the top - “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” by Gladwev Software.

It has some quality design and programming work that resolves the situation stated above. Furthermore, through its super design work on the interface, it is one of the most user-friendly tools out there to convert Olm files to Pst.

The way it handles every small detail under consideration is impressive. Most of the information bits inside Olm files are so small that any other ordinary tool would simply overlook it, resulting in inaccurate and incomplete migration. This one works different, thanks to its deep-scan technology that provides it the ability to pick up everything, ranging from smallest data fragment to large files.

Next, is its speed. It looks counterintuitive for tool that reads the files and converts the data so thoroughly to deliver fast speed; but it is the wrong way of looking. It not only reaches the deepest part and picks up small items, it also does it with fast speed. Every execution of every command, either manually or automatic works with lightning fast speed. Under normal conditions and average computer specifications, the speed has been shown to be approximately 1 GB of conversions within an hour. This is almost 50% faster than the averagely accepted speed of the second fastest category of tools.

Next, we move to another impressive trait.

Users most frequently have troubles uploading or importing large Pst files to Outlook. Outlook has given the general recommendation of the file size to be uploaded for smoothest working, and that is under 2 GB. However, if you have a large database in Mac Outlook that means your Olm files would be huge, that means the converted Pst files would also be large. This most of the times creates very frustrating issue with users. After converting everything and spending a lot of time, they find out that the Outlook crashes trying to upload huge Pst files.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” wouldn't have that problem. Because it features highly wanted function to split Pst files into smaller files. The number of Pst files has no significance with the performance of Outlook on Windows and with the uploading of Pst files. So what you can do is specify the maximum Pst file size allowed, after which the tool will itself split the files into two (or more if needed). This is a priceless feature which may not come up that frequently so may get noticed, but is a big concern for users with huge databases.

And lastly, the tool also lets you merge the multiple Olm files into one single Pst file. This is particularly helpful if there are countless small size Olm files. It would not be effective to convert each of them to their individual Pst file. Instead, merge all of them into one.

If you are interested, click here to download olm to pst converter free. Keep in mind that if you want unlimited conversion and many more features, you can take its functionality further by registering for paid licenses. That will make the performance and your experience even better.

The restriction with free version is that it converts only 10 items per folder from  Olm to Pst. You can remove this restriction any time by choosing from different licensing packages available.

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