Convert Olm to Pst Using a Sharp and Polished Tool

You can convert Olm to Pst files using third party software. One of the best in that category is “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” by Gladwev Software. It brings the perfection of advanced software technology in the field of data conversion and make one of the complex tasks simple and effective.

Apart from that, it also has an interactive interface. It was designed to make the task effortless for less experienced users. Usually these tools have a very convoluted interfaces that make no sense. Even experts find them hard to use. Thankfully, “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” has a completely different UI than others.

The graphical wizard and the instructions are simple and self-explanatory.

The goal of an interface is to maximize efficiency and minimize the number of inputs required to create a desired output. With this Gladwev's tool, much of the tasks are automated with only few inputs required by a user.

You only have to load the Olm files and click 'convert' to convert them to Pst files. Any other manual inputs, like tweaking settings and control, are optional.

The list below explains these additional (and optional) settings –

Select folders for conversion when you select the Olm files, the tools load up all the folders and by default all the folders are marked for conversion. You can manually uncheck the folders for excluding them for conversion.

Filter Folders There are folders for mail, contacts, and calendar. You can use the filter option to filter these folders. For example, if you don't want to convert contacts and calendar folders, you can simply filter them out by choosing only “Mail” folders.

Ignore empty folders If you don't want empty folders to be converted to Pst files, you can exclude them by simply checking the box that says “Ignore Empty Folders”.

Merge data The tool is developed to convert the data from Olm to Pst as it is. However, there are few things that you'd like to modify in output files as different from the original input files. The most commonly wanted thing to do is to merge data in various ways. Here are few things that you can do with this tool by checking the appropriate boxes –

  • Merge Contacts – You can merge multiple contacts to a single 'default' folder for contacts in Pst files for Windows Outlook.
  • Merge Calendar – Same thing can be done for calendar entries. If you have multiple calendar entries in different folders and categories, you can convert and merge them into a single 'default' folder for calendars in Pst files.
  • Merge multiple Olm files to a single Pst file. If you have multiple Olm files to convert, you can have them converted to Pst in a single batch. But instead of multiple Pst files one for each Olm file. you can have them converted and merged to a single Pst file.

Split Pst files Oversized Pst files can be nightmare to upload or import to Windows Outlook. Recent updates by Microsoft have allowed users to create as big as 20 GB (before Outlook 2010, the limit was 2 GB). But it is always advised to keep them as small as possible. Large files are more prone to corruption, are harder to repair, and when they damage data, they damage the whole bulk of it. Converting large Olm files also leads to large Pst files. But with “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”, you can control this. Enter the size limit (recommended 10 GB) into the relevant box and the tool will split files that crosses that limit.

With all these extra features, your job of converting Olm to Pst gets easy even further. Many of the problems with this job are the results of overlooked potential conflicts that arises after the conversion, such as, hefty Pst files. Gladwev has given these conflicts the attention they need and has offered a workaround them so you don't face any annoying problems later on.

You can try this all on your own. Download the trial setup and use all these features to find out how they fit in your scenario. Using the tool directly will give you clear idea of how it works.

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