Swift and Effective Approach to Outlook 2011 Export to Pst

There are big-named builders for most of the software categories. However, there is one industry that's still relatively small; but it relates directly to a much bigger industry on email clients, such as Outlook.

And just so it happens, the users find themselves at cross-roads about the products and solutions of this relatively smaller industry, causing indecision and fear.

This industry, of course, is email migration. And in particular, migration from Mac to Windows Outlook, or other forms that involve transferring data between two different environment or platforms.

Mac to Windows Outlook migration is a subset of email migration related tasks which is, so far, not very well handled and makes the end-users struggle with a lot of things when it comes to Outlook 2011 export to Pst.

Mac Outlook 2011 export to Outlook Pst for Windows always meets with some form of aggravation and nuisances, hard even for top end experts to beat.

Why the task of Outlook 2011 export to Windows Pst is in hot water

Because of incompatibility of Olm files in Windows Outlook, which often comes as a surprise for new users.

Users are often shocked when they are moving to Windows Outlook, and find out that it can't import Olm files. Realizing that, they are often zoned out as to what to do next.

That brings them to the concept of exporting Outlook Olm to Windows Pst files. But that too is miles away from being simple. After years of use of highly intuitive email client as Mac Outlook, users aren't exactly excited to go through the tedious and counterintuitive Olm to Pst export methods. They are pretty much expecting to use a method or a tool that can work swiftly and effectively, without much effort.

And sadly, with most of the utilities that offer ways to export your Olm files to Pst aren't of any worth.

Outlook 2011 Export to Windows Pst – Solution!

But there is water to be found even in desert.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” – a tool developed by Gladwev Software, is a highly professional and sharp product for making this job of exporting Olm files to Pst simple, for both experts and non-experts. The amount of work done is palpable right from the first glance, when notice the clean and efficient look of the interface. And as you later start noticing the features and functionalities, the sophistication and finesse of the software is hard not to impress any user.

Taken years for development and research, “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” takes every problem that usually shows up while exporting Mac Outlook Olm to Windows Outlook Pst, and resolves it using its advanced algorithms and programming.

Features of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”

Here are the salient features of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”.

  • It can convert multiple Olm files to Pst files together.

  • If you want to convert all Olm files to a single Pst file, as opposed to each Pst file for each Olm file, you can simply choose the merging option.

  • It also thoroughly converts contacts and calendar data

  • You can choose to merge all contacts and calendar data into default address book and calendar app respectively.

  • It supports full conversion for all languages, including the ones that are encoded with double-byte characters, such as Korean. The tool generates Pst files with Unicode system, thus protecting all the universal text and characters.

  • While converting Olm to Pst, it doesn't change your folder hierarchy.

  • The tool supports the most wanted feature of limiting the size for Pst file. Big sized Pst files give trouble while importing to Windows Outlook. This tool will allow you to set the maximum size limit; after which the tool splits the file into two smaller parts.

You can give it a try here (trial version).

The trial version of “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” lets you convert 10 items per folder.

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