Move Your Emails From Outlook Mac 2016 to Pst Using a Reliable

Outlook 2016 is the latest version for Mac Outlook email client. The biggest updated with Outlook 2016 is that it can now import Pst files. That means, you can export all the emails from your Windows Outlook to Pst and import Pst to Outlook 2016 in Mac.

What if you want to transfer emails from Outlook 2016 to Windows Outlook? Outlook 2016 can't export or archive the data into Pst file; it can only import Pst. It can however export data into an Olm format. But Olm format is not supported by any Windows Outlook version.

Outlook 2016 Mac Export to Pst Simplified

In that case, you can convert Outlook Mac 2016 to Pst using a third party software. All you have to do is, first – export data to Olm file. Load that Olm file into the software, and convert it into Pst. Then, import that Pst file into Windows Outlook.

The quota for mailboxes is continuously growing everyday. That means, the use of these file formats are not that often. You can simply keep all your emails synced with an online server of your email account (Gmail, hotmail, etc.) and simply sync them back to Windows Outlook without any other intermediary. However, most users sometimes go over their mailbox quota for space and in that case, they have to delete data from servers, and keep that data stored in offline files, which is Olm file format and Pst file format in case of Mac and Windows Outlook respectively.

If you are here, it means that you don't have the option of syncing the data in order to move them from Mac to Windows Outlook. That's why the choice remains is Outlook 2016 Mac Export  to Pst.

Olm to Pst Converter Pro” (a Mac application) deals with such file conversion in a way that's very helpful. First of all, it features the most simple interface that finally makes it easy for beginners to go through this conversion. Second of all, the tool makes the whole exporting process very accurate and thorough. Otherwise, it is generally infamous for incomplete migration and corruption, where integrity issues is very likely.

Here's how this Olm 2016 to Pst Converter works

  1. Click on “Load” and choose the Olm files you need to convert. You can select more than one in a single attempt.
  1. You can see the folders inside the selected files. Check the ones you want to convert. You can also hide empty folders.
  1. Next, you will see few additional functions that will give better control over the conversion –
  2. Choose the type of items you want to convert – Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Choose all three if you want to convert all three types. The tool automatically converts contacts and calendar data to default address book and calendar app for Windows Outlook.
  3. You can choose to merge contacts and calendar data.
  4. You can choose to merge all Olm files into a single Pst file.
  5. You can choose to split Pst file into smaller sizes. Simply enter the maximum size limit which if crossed will split Pst files into two. If you don't want to do this (not recommended), enter zero as maximum size limit.
  1. Click “Start”

 Wait for few minutes (depending on the size of Olm files) and it will generate everything into Pst files.

 What it converts?

As already stated, “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is fully able to automatically convert emails, contacts, and calendar data to respective formats.

However, its biggest ability lies in converting the small details and information that are associated with Olm files, which are always challenging for other tools. These small bits of information or files are generally skipped, which results in inaccurate Pst files.

This one doesn't do that. You will find the exact data in final Pst files.

For instance, it converts all of the following items properly –

  • Email Attachments
  • the structure/hierarchy of folders
  • non-English characters
  • Meta-data (to, cc, bcc, subject, from)
  • time and date of emails
  • Nested messages
  • Graphical objects embedded within email body
  • Read/unread email status

Where to Download the Free Copy for Evaluation

The above two aspects of this software – easy interface that leads to systematic wizard & data accuracy in conversion – makes it the best in the market.

Give it a try here.

This free copy is available to download instantly. It will allow you to convert 10 items per folder.

Furthermore, if you need any assistance, 24x7 support staff is available to help you in all the ways required.

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