Export Outlook 2011 Emails into Outlook Pst Format Easily

Outlook 2011 is an email client by Microsoft, launched in 2010 by replacing Microsoft's Entourage client. It is the first native version of Outlook for Mac OS X. Microsoft released several updates to improve Outlook 2011, but didn't release completely new version until last year. On 9 July 2015, it released Office 2016 for Mac and on 22 September 2015 for Windows.

This article focuses on Outlook 2011 as it is still the most installed clients in Mac. However, if you are looking to convert Outlook 2016 data to Pst files, you can still use this approach as 2011 and 2016 are not very different in terms of their data files.

Outlook 2011 is a great email client that has come close to its Windows counterpart, but not quiet there. Nevertheless, it was very well received and till today, many Mac users are using it with satisfaction. It works impressively well for email management and everything seems fine.

Moving from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

This whole system is thrown into chaos as soon as the Mac user is changing gears by making a transfer from Mac to Windows.

The biggest headache of such a switchover is migrating data from email clients, which in most cases is from Outlook 2011 Mac to Outlook 2010 Windows. The other type of files (data or media) are not that complicated and you'd easily find programs that can open them. But with email data files (except generic files like Mbox), you don't get to enjoy any compatibility.

Olm and Pst files are archived and data file of Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook respectively. And they are not interchangeable at all. You cannot simply use the Olm file with Windows Outlook and hope it works.

The interesting thing is that the Pst file can be imported to Mac Outlook, but there is no support for Olm file in Windows Outlook...yet.

Anyway, so that's the issue that comes up with email migration involving these two clients. And it has been bugging the entire community and those who want to migrate their data for many years.

It's not like there are no solutions. But they are very limited in scope, hard to use, and do not migrate data safely. You can find a mountain of data errors, like unreadable text, broken images, messed up folder hierarchy, and so on. The story of awful data migration experiences are all over the internet and you can read them right now.

Experts would always recommend to use a professional software to convert the data, and avoid doing it manually. It is not about the convenience or lack therefore of manual migration methods, but that they are not worth any pain. You spend hours trying to manually pick and drag and move each item, and for what? For incomplete migration with multiple glitches with output files.

Therefore, it's a no-brainer to choose a good third party converter.

The Best Tool for Exporting Outlook 2011 Emails into Outlook Pst

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” can be considered among the best tools for this task. It is developed by Gladwev Software to simplify the distress that the job otherwise cause. The tool looks very simple and is very simple to use. Just load the Olm files and have them converted to Pst files compatible with Windows Outlook.

In spite of its simplicity, the tool is actually advanced and sophisticated, in a way that it works and does its whole data conversion thing. It employs some of the modern programming craft for data conversion, which results in high levels of precision down to a single byte.

This converter is the ultimate example of “What you input is what you get”. Because it is able to convert everything from the Olm files that you input into Pst files without loss or corruption.

The tool is built keeping in mind that there are always data loss of some particular items and elements like listed below. And thus, through constant tweaking and intelligent algorithms, the tool was perfected to the point that it doesn't lose any byte and convert things with 100% integrity.

  • Images or any graphical objects that are embedded within emails, such as graphs, charts, pie-circles, or any visual representation of data. Even icons and logos.
  • Email Attachments, specially those with not recognizable file formats.
  • Email Headers such as to, cc, bcc, subject, from, etc.
  • Any meta-data associated with the data
  • Nested Messages

Besides all this, it can be clearly seen from the first glance at the software that Gladwev has outdone themselves in the interface design department. Making such a tool look and feel so simple, elegant, and intuitive is a major accomplishment. If you have no experience of any kind related to email migration, you can still use it without troubles.

If you can send and receive emails, you are qualified to use this tool for successful migration.

And then there are two more worth mentioning additions to its already long list of features – Support for non-English and folder hierarchy. Many tools are very risky when it comes to converting Non-English text. They don't scan the text in languages other than English. This is even more serious issue because many users don't notice these kinds of errors right away.

Second thing is protecting folder hierarchy. The way you have organized your emails in folders, and the way you have organized your folders within the complete hierarchy is very important. You don't want to lose it. “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” brings the best of programming logic to keep the folder hierarchy preserved.

The free trial version is available to download now. The link is given below. Give it a shot and find out how it works in action!

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