Import Olm to Outlook 2013 by Converting it Into Pst Files Effectively

Olm is a Mac Outlook data file format. Unfortunately, if you are looking to transfer your emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, you can't import Olm to Outlook 2013 directly. What you can do, however, is convert Olm to Pst. Pst is Windows Outlook file and serves the same purpose as Olm does in Mac.

Outlook 2013 import Olm – Quick, Accurate, and Safe

As with the recent version of Mac Outlook 2016, one can import Pst files directly to it. But Olm files is not yet supported by any Windows versions. That's why many users put up the question of importing Olm into Outlook 2013 and end up disappointing.

However, there is nothing to worry about. Converting Olm files to Pst may be apparently difficult, but with the right set of tools, it can be as easy as any other normal computer related tasks. Which means, you don't have to worry about the safety of your original files, data integrity glitches, loss of time, and other setbacks usually faced when importing Olm format to windows Outlook.

Therefore, the only way to import your emails to Windows Outlook, without realizing all those above stated problems, is to employ a complete utility that is built specially for this task of converting Olm to Pst.

And to make it even more easier for you, we are here going to reveal the exact Olm file converter you need for this. It is a Mac utility that features all the functionality one needs to perform email migration with effective results. This tool or utility has been tried and tested over and over again to produce great results, which means, quick conversion, safety of original files, complete migration with no data fidelity issues, and an easy way to do all all of this.

This tool that I am talking is known as “OLM to PST Converter Pro"

Don't be fooled by the addition of the word “pro”. It is very simple to use even by complete newbies and you don't need any kind of preceding knowledge or experience to use it. However, the 'pro' was added very appropriately to the name of the tool because it not only helps newbies convert Olm to Pst, it also helps high-end computer experts to transfer the data with high fidelity, while enjoying lots of extra features to gain control and make it more efficient.

The easy part comes from its user-friendly GUI. The actual use of the tool is as simple as many other apps you use on daily basis. Every instruction, every button, every feature is easy to make sense of and apply to the conversion. When you install and launch it, you will instantly realize how quick and straightforward and intuitive is to use “Olm to Pst converter pro”

Import Olm into Outlook 2013 to Move Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook

On the other hand, there are few additional features that will make the overall process more efficient like a true pro or expert. Three of the most advanced features include –

Splitting Pst files – Have you ever heard that a large Pst file is nightmare to upload to Windows Outlook? That's because it is. If a file is above 2 GB, it might not even upload or import to Outlook. If it does, there will be a lot of incongruities to the data.

Therefore, this utility allows you to set the maximum Pst file size. If during conversion, this limit is crossed, the tool will automatically split the file into two or more as required.

Batch Conversion – In many cases, there are more than one Olm file to convert. This creates a situation where users have to usually convert one file to Pst one at a time. Clearly, that is an efficient and slow way to go about your business. Instead, this tool will let you load any number of Olm files all at once and convert them to Pst. Furthermore, you can merge all of those files into one single Pst file after conversion.

Full Conversion Report – Most experts will find this conversion report in the end very helpful. It puts right back at the control wagon. The log report includes the location of files, the number of items inside each folder, failed and successful conversions, time and date, and many other important info.

You can download “Olm to Pst converter Pro” right now. This makes a simple case for transferring your data in the recommended method, instead of trying to import Olm to Outlook 2013 directly.

Download the free trial edition here.

24x7 support is available as well to take any of your queries and resolve it right at that moment.


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