How to transfer OLM to PST Windows PC like a true professional ?

If you stay in touch with of tech news and information about the most recent improvements in the email conversion world, you should know that the OLM to PST transfer procedure is in no way such as it used to be some time recently.

Presently clients have a lot of choices in how to transfer OLM to PST for windows. Yet at the same time, because of the plenitude of tools that claim to answer how to transfer Outlook mac to PST, clients are generally found befuddled asking one question in one voice.

How to transfer outlook mac to outlook PST?

The most effective method to transfer outlook mac to outlook windows.

The final answer came from Gladwev software, pioneers of email conversion who built up the perfect apparatus to transfer OLM to PST, the OLM to PST converter Pro.

If you have needed to know how to transfer outlook mac to windows PST adequately and without trouble, continue reading.

This article is manual which is specifically created to offer you some assistance with learning how to transfer mac outlook to PST with the help of the OLM to PST converter pro, like an expert without being one.

Here is the manner by which you can transfer mac outlook files into PST in a couple of quick and simple steps.

Before everything else, you have to first introduce the OLM to PST converter pro.

You can set up the apparatus in under a minute with a supportive wizard that aids you from step one till you succeed.

Step 1: Launch the tool by double tapping on the tool icon. A welcoming window will open.

how to transfer olm files

Step 2: If you need to change over everything consequently, click "express" mode, or in the event that you have an archived OLM database and need to transfer it at the same time. You pick "custom" mode and after that select the "OLM file" strategy. After that point, you need to pick "next" and you can find your own OLM file and change over each one of the files of your own or copied from another person's PC.

how to transfer outlook mac to outlook window


Step 2: If you know the location of your Outlook mac database in your hard drive or anyplace else in your PC, you can pick the "Outlook 2011 database/identity folder" under the "custom" mode, then pick "next" to find and change over them.

Step 3: After you pick next, you will find your database sorted out in the folder structure, from which you can choose the folders that you need to move to PST. Pick your wanted folders and click "Next" to perform the last step.

how to transfer outlook mac to pst

Step 4: Congratulations! Your OLM to PST transfer is finished. Now you know how to transfer OLM to PST format in mac. With the last confirmation window, you can find your converted documents or simply begin the transformation once more.

how to transfer olm to pst

If you need to know how to transfer OLM to PST for free. You can! In any case, for a limited period. The company gives a free demo form so that the clients can figure out how to transfer .OLM to .PST without risking their files and money. You have to know how to transfer Outlook mac to Outlook windows with the OLM to PST converter Pro.