Convert Contacts from Outlook 2011 to Pst

Outlook 2011 is a great way to store and manage your contacts. But if you are coming to Windows Outlook, you need to transfer them.

You can do that in two ways – 1.) Export contacts to Csv file. 2.) Export contacts to Olm file.

The first option is the easiest because it doesn't involve any further work on csv file. A csv file is compatible with many apps, including Windows Outlook, and you just have to directly import it to Windows Outlook.

With the second option (export to Olm), you need to convert Olm to Pst, because Olm is not supported by Windows Outlook.

To export contacts to Csv format –

  • Go to 'File' – click 'Export'.

  • Then, select 'contacts' to a list (tab-delimited text).

  • Click 'done'.

To Import this Csv format in Windows Outlook –

  • Go to 'File' → 'Open & Export' → 'Import/export' → 'Import from another program or file' → 'Comma separated files'.

  • Then, browse to your contacts file, and then double-click to select it.

  • All the contacts will be imported to Windows Outlook.

An alternative approach to export contacts to Pst

Exporting contacts to .Csv format isn't that much flexible. Using a professional email migration tool, you can do stuff such as merge contacts in different group to one single group.

Furthermore, if you are moving away from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, or you want more than just contacts to transfer, you are going to need to do more than just export to csv format.

Csv format is just for contacts. To transfer emails and calendar data, you are going to need to export data to Olm files, and then convert it to Pst. Both Olm and Pst files can contain almost all kinds of data including emails, contacts, and calendar data.

To export data to Olm file in Mac Outlook –

Go to 'file' → 'Export' → “outlook for mac data file” and follow the instructions.

To convert this Olm file to Pst, use “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”. It will convert the Olm file to Pst file everything intact and preserved. For contacts, you can even merge all of them into default address book.

To give it a try, click here to download the free trial version.

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