How to Migrate Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows?

Many users do it manually, using an IMAP supported email account as an intermediary and syncing the data from client to server and from server to client. It is a manual process that requires...well...manual actions like creating an account, adding that account to both email client, syncing the data, dragging folders to appropriate place, etc.

It also required internet because the data has to be uploaded and downloaded to Windows Outlook. Thus, consequently, it can take a lot of time depending on the size of the database and your connection speed.

It is still viable when there are only handful of mailboxes that needed migrating. Anymore more than that will make the entire job extreme. Not only will it be exhausting, but it can also be completely useless as the data may not migrate completely. Therefore experts generally don't recommend this method to migrate Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows.

The other way to go around the migration is to utilize the archived data files of both Outlook variants. If Olm is not supported in Outlook Windows, we convert it to the format that Outlook Windows supports, which is PST.

To do so, you can use “Olm to Pst Converter Pro”, a tool offered by Gladwev Software.

How does “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” work?

It's a tool with graphical user-interface. A user with no experience or skills in this area would have no trouble using it for conversion. He or she will simply follow the instructions and the graphical wizard screens without any confusing steps that are usually present in other tools of the same category.

Below are the steps that you need to take to completely move your data.

  • Download and install the tool. You can download the setup from the link given at the end of this article.
  • After launching, click on “Add Olm files”. Browse to the location where Olm files are stored and select them. You can then see all the folders inside the selected Olm files.
  • Mark the folders for conversion. You can also filter the folders that have mails, contacts, and calendar stored inside them. Also, hide or ignore empty folders.
  • Click “start” and wait for the conversion to finish. You can see the conversion in the progress window.
  • Once everything is done, copy the converted Pst files to your Windows PC and import them to Windows Outlook.

Voila, all done!

This is one of the quickest methods to move data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. The tool makes sure that the conversion is thorough and accurate with no items or information missing.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” Converts Non-English Text As Well

The text, the words, the alphabets, or the characters you see in your emails do not appear to the be the same way to computers as they do to us. There is a system to convert them to binary code for computers to understand. ASCII is the first character encoding standard for representing English characters as numbers where each letter is assigned a number from 0 to 27.

Contrary to the popular belief, 'Unicode' is not a character encoding system but rather a standard used in multiple systems. It most commonly includes UTF-8 and UTF-16. Unicode is now used almost world wide for including multiple languages and characters.

The whole objective of this blabbering was to make a point that most of the email migration tools fail to convert the text that is anything other than ASCII. In other words, they convert only English text.

“Olm to Pst Converter Pro” is built around to support conversion of all languages, or in other words, it supports Unicode defined content. It can read and convert the characters that are not in English.

Such loss of information during Olm to Pst Conversion can be painful. But what makes data loss worse is the fact that you may not realize it right way. Are all your emails in non-English? If not, then you may be under the risk of not realizing there is even a loss of non-English text until you see them after months. This is what happens with many users and by that time they would have either corrupted their original Olm file, lost it, and might not Mac with them because they were under the assumption that the conversion was successful. So their emails with non-English is lost forever.

Do not let that happen to you. Choose “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” now.

There are plenty of other features and qualities that truly take the tool into its own category. It is unlike any other email migration applications that have existed so far.

Click the link below to download the free trial setup and give it a shot.

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